Wednesday, August 6, 2014

You Stud, You

A little tongue-in-cheek homage to my first pair of stud/post earrings - what took me so long? 

I guess I have always gravitated to longer more dangly earrings because you can add so many bits and pieces to them - a small collection of parts that come together to make a provocative whole. Post earrings, however, are an exercise in minimalism that can go horribly boring if not executed well. Plus, I just hadn't taken the time with my metalworking to hone in on the details necessary to make a wearable set of posts. 

So last week when I was in Austin, Texas visiting my brother and sister-in-law, they took me to Nature's Treasures, a fantastical rock shop. I think we spent about three hours in the store - me working myself up into a frothy lather while pawing through bins of crystals, fossils, and rocks. It wasn't pretty, but my haul sure was. When I saw these little cross-section coins of petrified wood branches, I knew I had to have them. A split second later, I knew that I was going to have to make them into earring studs. As soon as we set foot back home, I made a beeline to the studio and worked these babies up. Who wants to unpack when there's art to be made?

Primitive organic post-punk wicked faux-gauge-looking little devils - these will serve as a prototype for many pairs to come. In the meantime, I think I'll keep them for myself - you know, for research's sake...*cough*

Hope everyone has a great week :)

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  1. Of course you've got to keep them! They're amazing!

  2. Totally amazing! I love the petrified wood and you set them perfectly!

  3. Dark, moody beauties! I may actually have snorted when I read the title of your post.

  4. I love petrified wood . I have several pieces that I too am keeping for research *cough ,cough*
    love the slightly rustic look to your settings.

  5. Love the rustic look of your new earrings---you do need to keep them!

  6. Nikki, these are just beautiful! Classically beautiful. Timeless- even. I love the look of the stones and the cabs. I would wear these everyday!

  7. Awesome! I love the rustic and organic nature of these earrings. I would totally wear these and you should make more posts! Enjoy the day. Erin