Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Earth Maiden

Woodstock Earrings

A bit of a flashback to the late 60s, these fringe earrings would have fit right in at Woodstock or Monterrey. Earth Maiden is just my idea of a potential Earth Mother figure, who is still being groomed for the position, sort of an apprentice type situation. You can almost smell the green meadow where dancers twirl about in a carefree frenzy, until the next morning when they wake up dehydrated, sunburned and covered with insect bites. Earth Mother and Earth Maiden will be there to nurture the wayward souls.

These earrings started out with the turquoise deerskin lace and the darkened copper ring and grew from there. I added nylon cord in blue and green, and the seed beads in chartreuse and turquoise with accents of African red orange seed beads, resulting in a tribal Bohemian fringe design. I make the ear wires from 19 gauge copper wire and oxidize them for that primitive look that is characteristic of my work.

Gloria Ewing
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  1. How fabulous! I love these - I bet they look amazing on too!

  2. I love these earrings. SO boho and awesome! Just my style.

  3. Wow!! You are so creative Gloria, I love these earrings as I love all of your work!

  4. A beautiful idea, and one that everyone could wear! Love the color!

  5. Cute and very "boho". Love the colors you've used! I am feeling inspired! :-D

  6. I love these earrings. I once visited the town of Woodstock NY as my dad's cousin lived there up high in the tall trees. The town then was full of little shops selling all the things you would expect from the town that hosted that amazing event that changed the world. As a child I never knew what a hippie was but I soon learned! Thanks for that wonderful reminder of the'60's and '70's!

  7. Very fun! I love the way you have mixed in the fibers. Free spirited joy baubles! Enjoy the day! Erin