Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sometimes you want to be hard-edged and sleek, like a mirrored skyscraper. For those times, these are what you want at your ears! Clear glass drops in a mirrored finish, with hand-wrought brass and buttery seed bead accents.

Of course you can never go wrong with a Herve Leger silver bandage dress and Guiseppe Zanotti gold sling-back peep-toe platforms:

Via Polyvore
I wear this all the time. It's a little cold.

You can see these earrings and more at my Etsy shop, or visit my website for a little gallery action!


  1. If I tried to wear that dress, it's everyone else who'd be wearing the bandages -- on the injuries they sustained after fainting in horror from seeing me in the dress! The earrings, however, I would wear in a heartbeat. They're really great looking!

  2. I can see you owning that outfit, and the earrings are totally fab!!!

  3. I love this style of earrings you do! These are very chic!