Monday, February 13, 2012

Dreamy Dangles!

It is the day before Valentines Day and all through the land, Ladies adorn themselves in hopes of Romance. They dream of a prince to sweep them away, from the drudgery of chores and life everyday!

So adorn yourselves with earrings from one of our talented ladies here on Earrings Everyday, you won't be disappointed!
Here's to romance!! Here's to feeling like a woman! Here's to feeling beautiful! Here's to Dreaming of Prince Charming!! ...and Here's to LOVE!!

Come back tomorrow for a special Valentine post by Erin Prais-Hintz...

You can find these earrings and many others in my Etsy shop or on my Website!



  1. What a clever way to use those leaves! Those are very sweet!

  2. Marie, these earrings are just lovely! The pale blue leaf beads look fabulous against the dark metal. So romantic.

  3. Very unusual and beautiful! Just getting caught up from being out of town last week.