Thursday, February 16, 2012

Green, hopefully....please?

I have been so inspired by thoughts of Spring this last week!

These "hopeful" green earrings are a combination of some borosilicate glass beads created by a fellow Frederick, MD glass artist, Julie Delaney, and I chose them a while ago for their lovely, muted shades of all-time favorite color!  I created the sterling and faceted green agate components after a wonderful workshop with Richard Salley, where I learned to solder bezel cups and set tiny cabochons.  In my quest for the perfect, Spring-like, green creation, I paired the 2 and came up with these!

We haven't really had a bad winter here in Maryland, but for some reason, I am totally ready for new shoots of green to spring from the ground.  They actually have here and there on warmer days...I know they will die back when the big snow/cold finally hits here, but they are always a hopeful sign!

Daylily shoots from my garden...

Green Hostas (one of my favs) via
Think Green!

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  1. WOW! Those are absolutely stunning! I shy away from green, and I am not sure why! I must revisit this color palette now, thanks to you! Gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful earrings! (love green also, such a vibrant color)

  3. Oh, those are so pretty! Perfect for St. Patrick's day too :)

  4. Love the earrings! Green has been my favorite colour for a long time, you made it look fantastic!

  5. Gorgeous as always! Love those greens together. Your teensy bezels are wonderful! So envious of your metal class!

  6. These are gorgeous! Definately feeling a hint of spring looking at them.

  7. Oh my gorgeousness! I am taking a class with Richard Salley in July and now I am more excited than ever! These are so fresh and lovely! You are a marvelous designer!
    Enjoy the day. Erin

  8. Green is one of my all time favs also and these are some gorgeous green earrings, love the metal work.