Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Iridescent Patina Earrings for Spring ~

Today's design is visiting how my jewelry ideas begin ~ 
I've been playing with patina's this month.  
These are perfect for Spring! 

They have a wonderful blue shimmer that catches the sun ~ 

I love texture, color and motion...these have all three! 

I'm thinking these complement this Spring Fossil Ensemble, 
bringing some rustic, glitter and dangle to the look~ 

to see how my design ideas come about ~ 


  1. Fabulous Melissa! I love how you've constructed these--clever and elegant! The patina is lovely.

  2. Well, I wish I could say it was me that constructed these! Love original and gorgeous! Wow!

  3. The design is ingenius and the color is fabulous!

  4. Oh! I have been wanting to play with patinas for years now. I am so ready to try this... if only I could clear off enough work space to give it a go! But until I do, it is so nice to see that I can get these lovely looks from someone I admire!
    Enjoy the day!