Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chic Shutter Display

I was at an art fair once some years ago, in a jewelry booth. The artist had cleverly used a pair of exterior window shutters, hinged together like a screen, to display her wares. Her earrings and some of her necklaces were attached to folded cards, and these cards were slotted in between the stiles. The shutters had a charming "shabby chic" paint finish (or maybe they were just old!). Of course you must use them upside down (as pictured above), so the slats are oriented the right way to get your cards in there. The pair of unpainted pine shutters above are from Home Depot, but you could certainly scavenge your own honest-to-goodness vintage shutters! Or pull them off your own house in a pinch. A little ventilation space in between the stiles (or slats) is important for slotting your cards in there, so if the shutters have been heavily painted and repainted you might have to ream that out a little bit.

These salvaged Victorian shutters from Capitol Salvage seem like just the ticket! You could flip them upside down and put them on an easel.
Posted by Capitol Salvage May 22, 2011
Stop by your local architectural salvage--you might find the perfect display!


  1. I have some that are old closet doors that I have used in the past. I plan on refinishing them in my new colours to streamline my displays. Very practical too for a tall mirror. Mine is attached directly to them because of the full length.

  2. I have several pairs of smaller shutters that I acquired while walking past a house that was being remodeled. The owners said I was welcome to have them! People always comment on them. We mounted L brackets to the backs so they can be clamped onto a table. They transport with the cards intact. Very useful!

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for the great tip.

  4. Wow, such a great idea. I like to upcycle and this is a perfect opportunity for upcycling the old shutters stored in my garage for many years. Thanks.