Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Mod Squad

Is 'Tribal Mid-century' even a thing?  Well, that's what I'm calling this pair!

Fabulous French artisan lampwork beads by Un Vent de Liberte.

Very cool asymmetrical charms by Yvonne Irvin-Faus which are made of painted plexiglass.

Thanks for stopping by my bead table today!

I know my taste can be eclectic and sometimes I get questions or comments about my stash of supplies. Well, I simply buy what catches my eye or what moves me emotionally. Normally when I make a purchase it will sit in the drawer a long while - even years.  Last week, for example, I bought a tiny vintage glass pickle button, circa 1930.  I have no clue how that will be used in the future, but I know it will be waiting for me when the time is right! 

Loralee xo