Friday, May 8, 2020


I am 'sort of' back.  I'm going to try and post more regularly 🤞. 

I took up beadweaving last year, and I am hooked!  I'm a novice but I am loving using the teeny bit of skill I've acquired.  Today's earrings feature a pair of beautiful porcelain wings by Terri DelSignore.

Here I have added red delicas to the rectangle frame.  I know there isn't any red on the main components (wings) but I think the pop of red makes these look more interesting. 

I do love using rhinestones on everything and these didn't get spared either.  I matched them up with the purple on the wings so they don't take away from the red. 

Here's another view on my 'earringquin' 😆 

I hope you like them. These are available, not sure where I will list them yet as my Etsy shop is closed.  Feel free to contact me via Facebook or my group if you're interested.  See you in a couple of weeks time.  Stay safe and well ❤🤗

Suhana xx

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  1. I love the creativity in your beaded components/earrings! x

  2. I always love the colors that you choose. My mind tends to work in a monochromatic way. I never would have used the red yet it is absolutely perfect! I love to see how you put it all together to create little works of art.

  3. So much skill and patience in each pair you create !