Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Seeing Spots

It's hardly surprising if we are all seeing spots now after so many weeks tied mainly to the house and garden - and thank heavens we have one. Anyhow, the high spot of my weekend was a delivery of long awaited African beads that Kimberly Rogers picked up for me at Tucson earlier this year. The plan had been for her husband Dave to bring them over this May, on a trip he had planned to the UK to walk Hadrian's Wall; but like most people's plans, its gone awry. And it was one heavy packet! In the end I just bit the bullet and paid the postage, and boy was it worth it!

One of my favourites was these long hand painted bone beads. I could have gone all out African but wanted to echo those cream spots and I had these fabulous old Victorian glass beads in exactly the same shade, so with the rough shard of tektite between they've ended up sort of post modern!

Hope they cheer you up a little. They're over in my Etsy shop now. And please take care of yourselves, we aren't out of the woods yet.

                                                                  Lindsay xx

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