Tuesday, May 19, 2020

"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." ~ A.A. Milne

I love playing around with strong contrast, and this pair of earrings has quite a nice mixture of texture and different types of material.

The beautiful porcelain earring charms are by Terri DelSignore of Artisticaos.  They have all the qualities I love - beautiful color, nice lines, and endless possibilities for designing with.

 I decided to build an abstract sort of flowering weed.  I didn't want to add a lot of color to the top of this pair, keeping the focus on the colorful stems. I used dyed lucite berries and added some sweet vintage glass pearls for a little softness and light.  It's a nice sophisticated and versatile color palette this way.

It popped into my head to use some bold rustic metal bead caps to represent the withering sepal. Also, they complement the outline of the leaves. I think the rustic look of the metal lends a nice little element of surprise, too, and really brings the whole design together.

Thank you, thank you, for stopping by to see what's happening on my worktable today!

See you back here in a couple of weeks!  

Loralee xo


  1. I love these, as always. Such wonderful balance in the things you put together. I love Terri's work, and lucite berries make me happy. Those metal bead caps are so cool.

    1. Thank you, Ann! I crazy about those little berries too - they do make you happy, right?!! The bead caps make excellent spiders also lol

    2. **I am**, sheesh - I never proofread before hitting publish.

  2. Total perfection as usual. I always try to find something that I don't like about your earrings and I haven't been able to find it yet!

  3. Simply put: I love everything about these, Loralee! xo

  4. I love these! The components are gorgeous ( those pendants! Those bead caps!) and the combination is a winner!

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  6. Love these! The contrasting shapes and textures are beautiful