Monday, May 27, 2019

Summer colour!

So we have had a taste of summer over here in the UK. And it has inspired me to create some earrings with bright summer colours.

My starting point was Petra Carpreau's ceramic sticks. Love the vibrant reds yellows and oranges in these two pairs. They scream hot summer sun. 

In this first pair they are accompanied by some large juicy cherry red agate barrels. Just luscious...

The second pair have some delicious carnelian and pyrite rondelles. Love the sunset colours in these. And of course, both pairs have oxidised brass hoops to frame the ceramic sticks, for that extra bit of drama :-)
All of the semi-precious gems are from Sylvia Stungo's shop -a treasure trove of pretty things. These earrings will be available in my show this week over in Facebook Land -look for The Earrings Show.

See you in a couple of weeks


  1. Lovely, particularly the carnelian pair x

  2. Phwoar mrs these are extra juicy,love them xx

  3. Oh my! I love these, especially the 2nd pair! I'd wear those a lot. I never would have thought to add hoops to the sticks, but that's exactly what makes them so unique and wonderful.

  4. Both of these designs are wonderful, Sue! I think Linda's absolutely right too: The hoops really make the earrings unique. Love! 💗

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  6. These are great Sue. Especially the second pair. You always do Petra's wonderful beads justice.