Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Hello everyone how are you all, ? The weather here in Wales has been up and down recently ranging from gales and winds lashing rain to glorious sunny days that make you think summer has come early Some time ago the lovely Juliette Mullet came for a stay with her daughter Cassie, we had been friends on FB for a while but getting to know her in person was really lovely. She had asked me to make her a set of jewellery using her own wonderful lampwork beads and getting to know her in real life helped me put together a set that I must admit although hard to do ( I wanted them perfect) I am rather proud of.
I knew Juliette didn’t want long dangly earrings as she is a petite and feminine person and long dangles would be too much for her.
While she was here we had looked through a lot of my gemstones and beads and Juliette had fallen in love with these beautiful sea green Tyvec beads by Carolyn Saxby .
They were an absolutely perfect match to her glowing blue/green glowing lampwork and the mix of textures between the glowing lampwork beads and the fabulous tyvec was brilliant. I wanted to use my silver crinklies as I had used them in the bracelet and necklace they were a perfect foil for the blues and added yet another layer of texture. 
Juliette is like me we love our silver shiny and glamorous lol, so I added hand made silver headpins and pretty hand made silver earwires to finish them. 

I love Juliette s wonderful glowing beads and I work with them a lot, but these beautiful sea themed set really appealed to me and I’m glad to say she loved the set .
Hope you like them too
Lucy from Faerystone


  1. Juliette is a lucky lady. You made an absolutely gorgeous set with her beads.

  2. Lucy, how beautiful the entire set is! I especially love the petite dangles (my current favorite length!). I'm so glad Juliette loved your gorgeous set! (But who wouldn't??!)

  3. What a nice way to honor your friend and for her to have something special of you as well! I love the soft color and the bubbly shapes. Those potato chip beads make a great texture. Enjoy the day! Erin