Thursday, May 9, 2019


Hi, everyone!  This past month has been a tough one, with a major household upheaval and the death of a beloved family pet.  💔   So I'll keep this short, but I'd love to show you all some recent earrings.  

The focus of the first pair (below) is a classic polymer clay design by Helena Benkoczka, pretty stylized feathers in violet, fuchsia, purple, and gold.  I paired the feathers with deep-blue lampwork glass rondelles, fuchsia Czech glass rondelles and Swarovski bicones, and gold accent beads, and tied the earrings together with fuchsia linen thread.

Kristi Bowman-Gruel's vividly colorful dotted-and-swirled painted copper charms (below) are so colorful all by themselves that I couldn't resist adding even more color and texture.  Even the little green Czech discs are dusted with gold, and Beth Mellor's rosy rondelles have subtle little dots.  A little over the top?  Well, maybe...  😉💗

Thank you so much for reading!  I'll be back in a couple of weeks.  💗


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  2. I am so sorry to hear about the death of your beloved family pet. Our pets are like our children and it is heartbreaking to have to miss them. Big hugs to you all.
    I love your earrings. You do bright colors so wonderful.

  3. Sorry to hear about your pet Meridy ❤️ These earrings are beautiful as always bursting with colour 💜

    1. Thanks so much, Suhana! I appreciate your kind words.

  4. These are just popping with color! I love them both. And I am sorry for the loss of the pet. They are just as important in our lives as any other being. Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Beautyfull colour combination 🤗🤗

  6. Beautyfull colour combination 🤗🤗