Monday, October 1, 2018

Rustic reds

Last weekend I had the good fortune to meet up with some of my very favourite jewellery people Petra CarpreauKimberly Rogers and Claire Lockwood. Well, now a fine time was had by all! And I was showered with beady goodness too (thanks guys!)

Had a tough time choosing what to make from my stash of goodies for this blog, but I finally settled on using a pair of Claire's beautiful ceramic headpins. Something about the colour -a gorgeous deep red which seems appropriate for the season -all the reds and oranges that are around as Autumn approaches.

So I had some rustic oxidised copper hoops by French artist,  Carole Pons Torres  and as I love a hoop, these had to be incorporated! I like the way they frame the headpins. Something a little bit gothic about them. Just right, in the run up to Halloween

Finally, some deep red picasso seed beads, combined with some African silver coloured spacers.

I'm listing them here  Hope you like them! See you in a couple of weeks x


  1. Vibrant spears...these are truly gorgeous and perfect for Christmas too. x

  2. Lovely earrings Sue, as always. I so love your style.

  3. Lucky lucky you - and these are gorgeous x

  4. it was so nice meeting you and sharing a rather good time with a few of the UK gals!

    1. Ah Kim -loved meeting you and the fabulous Dave

  5. Sue, these earrings are so fresh and fun and beautiful and original all in one package. Love them!