Friday, October 12, 2018

Mermaids....are not just for summer

I've just finished a trunk show for earrings only so earrings were probably the last thing I wanted to make even though I do love making them...I was a bit earring-d out if you know what I mean.  I looked at some of my own components that never made it to the show as earrings.  I had planned on making several mermaid earrings but ended up only making one pair for the Trunk show.  But I did paint several pairs so there were quite a few left overs to choose from. 

Here is how I turned them in to earrings.  

I wire wrapped them on to big hoops, chose dark sapphire cup chain to match the scales and matte gold seeds to echo the golden upper part of the mermaid.

As these hoops were quite substantial in size (30mm) I knew I couldn't add any big beads to go between the hoop and the ear wire. I wire wrapped brass hearts in a central position so I could just attach some ear wire directly on to them.  I did that but the earrings did not look or feel right....something was missing.

I picked up these blue glass flowers which were the perfect size and attached them to the hearts.  Now they were complete.  

This was the only mermaid pair I made for the show.  Here I painted the mermaids in rainbow colours, applied resin on the rainbow area and sprinkled some glitter for fun.  I hung them from brass connectors which I had wire wrapped with glass spikes, flowers and crown caps.  

I hope you like my efforts.  The first pair is now listed on Etsy.  Have a fab weekend <3

My Etsy shop: Suhana Hart Jewellery 


  1. Great earrings as always Suhana. I love the way you work with color. And I agree, mermaids can be for every day and every season :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Of course mermaids aren't only for summer! Why, where would they be the rest of the time? 💗 Suhana, these are beautiful earrings, with just the right amount of beauty and whimsy for such famously mythic creatures. I love your work!

  3. These earrings are fun, beautiful, and unique all at the same time! I always love your earrings!

  4. You are always so inventive! These are so pretty and the design is great x

  5. Your imagination, and skill, continue to amaze me, Suhana. I always look forward to seeing your work. You inspire! ❤️