Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Hagstones

💀 Hallowe'en approaches and I'm getting very excited. The grandchildren have decorated their houses and planned their outfits - the youngest is dressing as the creepy clown Pennywise so I shall be reluctant to open the door to him!

On the eve itself Helen Backhouse, Lucy Haslam and I are having  a little event in our Facebook group where we take everyone on a virtual trip up Pendle Hill. Pendle was the home of the famous Lancashire Witches; the trials of the Pendle Witches at Lancaster Castle in  1612 are amongst the most famous witch trials in English history. Helen can see Pendle from her home and I'm about 20 minutes drive away, so it's a very real place to us, and has been since I read Harrison Ainsworth's 1849 novel The Lancashire Witches when I was about 11. 

So we've been making witchy things, and these are one of mine - The Hagstones. Hagstones were stones with natural holes in them, nailed up over stable doors in order to stop the hags (witches) from riding their horses out. And they're still in  evidence today on many farms. Old superstitions die hard. 

The spikes and gilded 'hagstone' connectors are ceramics by the one and only Petra Carpeau - who better, for gothic grunge? With Lucy Haslam's tangled earwires, swarowski crystals and gold seed beads.
Come and join us on our journey - it should be fun! The Very Nice Group at 4pm GMT on Wednesday.
See you again next week.
Lindsay x


  1. Oh, I don't mind gothic grunge at all, especially combined with gold. Oh my, these are chic :) In the Netherlands we don't celebrate Haloween, but I can imagine these are exiting times. Enjoy. And I certainly will hop over to your show :)

  2. Beautiful as always - you've captured the spirit perfectly once again! xoxo

  3. These take Halloween to a very elegant place! Thanks for the info on the hag stones. I had never heard of that! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. What a great blog post--thank you, Lindsay! I'd never heard about hagstones either and am glad I've been educated. The earrings are great Gothic Chic, suitably grungy, and wonderfully witchy.