Tuesday, October 23, 2018


When I've had a good couple of weeks making - wise I tend to burn out a bit - the ideas won't gel, I push beads aimlessly around my table and generally make a huge untidy mess with little to show for my efforts. This is when I find fashion magazines to be an invaluable resource.

I was having my hair done last week and asked for a magazine while the highlights were developing (and no, I'm not ready to embrace the grey!). My hairdresser always has Harpers Bazaar, my favourite. So with a coffee or three, a piece of chocolate, Harpers and an hours peace and quiet I'm in heaven.

This was the picture I was drawn to - it's a quick snap, so excuse the glare. The rich, vibrant colours, the shapes, just perfect. Lots of scope for textures - something I'm drawn to in the colder months. 

Ideally you'd have the magazine to work from but a picture will do. The elongated black triangles are coconut shell, nice and light, hung on links of vintaj black oval chain. The red fritty enamel circles by Kimberly Rogers, the plum greek ceramic rounds and beads above all from Smitten Beads. Black copper earwires are from my friend Lucy Haslam.

Try it next time you're stuck for ideas - it adds a different perspective to your design.
These will be for sale at the weekend in Kimberly's Facebook group Numinosity where a bunch of us are getting together to show a range of designs using her components. Here's the link  
See you here next week!


  1. Great post Lindsay. It is always great to hear how other designers deal when their muse is hiding. This is a great idea. And I so love the earrings! Everything about them. The gorgeous colors, the materials used, the movement.

  2. I often find myself pushing beads around, then changing the original design thought and basically leaving to rethink, but without a specific direction. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. I love the “pop” of the rich red enamels! Gorgeous!!

    Susan Schmidt Moran

  3. What a great idea for inspiration. I find that when I try to make too many earrings in one day the last ones kind of lose their energy and I'm pushing beads around unnecessarily. Thanks for sharing the show info!
    xo Kim

  4. Amazing what you do with the inspiration!! Beautiful!!

  5. You have created a fabulous pair of earrings from your inspiration, love the components and the coconut shell, they almost look like feathers x

  6. I love what you did based on the Harper's photo--definitely a Harlequin look with the colors and diamond shapes. The components you chose are great together in shapes, colors, and textures, and I especially love the coconut shell triangles. Just beautiful! 💗

  7. Such a funky fun eclectic style! I love these!