Monday, October 22, 2018

Guest Artist :: Nicola Morse

Today we welcome guest artist Nicola Morse to Earrings Everyday. Miss Nicola lives in United Kingdom. She has a real keen eye for color and pattern, influenced by folk art. Her hand painted metal components are truly special and she has a great sense of design when combining them with handmade beads and components from other artists.
We are pleased to introduce you to Nicola Morse.

Colour and Pattern

Hi everyone, this is my first post here in ‘Earrings Everyday’ so I thought I would start with these earrings I have just made using my own hand painted components. 

The base of my components are metal, usually copper, brass or aluminium to which I hand paint a design and add a layer or two of a jeweller’s grade resin. I love to experiment with colour and pattern and am also  influenced by folk art.

To create the earrings above I have matched my components with beautiful lampwork by Régis Teixera of Magma Beads and hand woven beaded components by Ellie Bead. For the earrings below I have again used lampwork by Régis Teixera with Vintaj bead caps and lampwork discs.

Check out more of Nicola Morse's work on her Facebook page.


  1. Amazing work Nicola! A agree with Lindsay, you are the master of color. I so love your use of vibrant colors.

  2. Thank you ladies, for some reason I can not reply to your comments individually xx

  3. I have often admired your designs. These earrings are beautiful. Welcome to Earrings Everyday!

  4. Nicola!! Welcome to EE. Both of these are beautiful, and it is all about your painted pieces. So pretty. Thank you for sharing!