Friday, August 24, 2018


One of the most recurrent themes in my earrings.  When I don't have the patience for wire wrapping I love to make layered designs.  In my mind they're not as time consuming as wire wrapping but I always prove myself wrong and I also ended up wire wrapping anyway.  I have 4 pairs to show you today. 

Claire Lockwood updated her bead shop recently and I grabbed some....whatever I was able to keep hold of in my cart.  I love these tusks, Colours are just dreamy. I wanted to keep the neutral theme, keep them simple in appearance.  I rubbed back the black patina on these brass flower blanks, placed large rhinestones on top and wire wrapped using brass seeds.  I simply hung the tusks from the flower connector and added raw brass caps for a pop of colour. 

For this pair I wire wrapped squares and attached them to brass connectors.  I hung painted resin daggers (by the Husband) from the bottom and added Czech glass flowers on top to complete the look. 

Lots of layering going on in this pair.  Beautiful lampwork flowers by Yuliana Goldin-Dunn with wire wrapped ovals, brass oval connectors and plain brass ovals underneath.  I added painted resin daggers to the bottom.  

Lampwork flowers by Yuliana on top of brass flowers inside a brass hoop (frame).  I added hamsa hand charms and painted resin charms as the dangles.  I keep changing my mind about these.  I like them, then I don't. 

They're all listed on Etsy.  See you soon. 

Suhana <3 

My Etsy shop: Suhana Hart Jewellery


  1. You and your husband are such a talented pair. Love the layering look of all the pairs, the third pair my favorite.

  2. I agree! You and your husband make a wonderfully creative team. I love all of your designs, especially your layered pieces!

  3. Love every one of these. Just gorgeous!