Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Delightfully Dappled

Today's earrings were inspired by these delightfully dappled lampwork bicones by Sue Beads. I love the way the splashes of green, blue and lavender add an extra pop of color to the design.
A touch of silver adds a bit of shine and Irish waxed linen connects the glass beads and a pair of my own ceramic tiny teardrop charms. I left short bits of the Irish waxed linen by the knot and frizzed the strands out a little, adding a bit of boho charm. 
The Delightfully Dappled earrings are available in my shop now, and for those of you who design your own jewelry, I also have 2 colors of the ceramic Tiny Teardrop charms in my shop.


  1. These are so sweet and the colors so soft. Love the tiny accent with the cord.

  2. Linda, they are sweet. The colors blend perfectly. Linen is so versatile, isn't it? And just that little bit, fraying the ends a bit, pulls it all together. :)

    1. Thanks Norbel. I really enjoy using waxed linen in my designs.