Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Winging It.

Nights are starting to draw in - candles are being lit in our conservatory again. I'm not seeing many butterflies now, but plenty of moths and the occasional bat flying past if I'm wandering in the garden later on, the flutter of a dark wing heralding their presence.  

Wings - such a popular concept to design with. Bright and summery, dark and gothic, or all stages in between.  This week I'm sharing these stunning porcelain wings by  Mari Carmen Rodriguez Martinez - right up my street. Great shape, great colours, fabulous detail, slight asymmetry - and they can be any wing you want them to be - from butterfly to dragon!

With them I've used  lovely copper leaf headpins by Cecilia Lawrence, purple lava beads and some faceted picasso czech glass beads that perfectly echo the creamy green and toffee colours in the wings.  Hung on Faerystone beaten copper earwires. Yum - they'll take you nicely into autumn, through Halloween (just for Loralee!) and into Winter. 

Have you worn wing earrings or used wings in your designs this year? So versatile and feminine (even these - with a wee bit of edge to them. )

                                  See you in two weeks - enjoy the last of the school holidays!

                                                                  Lindsay x
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  1. jacqueline Lesley altyAugust 22, 2018 at 12:15 AM

    You always seem to capture the mood as the seasons change...beautiful arrangement. x

  2. Oh my, these are very pretty. Love what you did with the headpins and those wing beads are very special

  3. Oh, you make my heart absolutely fill with joy!! I loveeee them and this season!! I'm so excited!!! xoxoxox

  4. Oooh, these are wonderful, Lindsay! A dark, moody feel; beautiful components; and a beautiful design! I love autumn, and these really speak to me and my little pagan heart. xo

  5. These are beautiful Lindsay ❤️

  6. LOLOL . I'm just catching up!!! Thank you, Lindsey!!! They are beautiful and you gave me a nice chuckle!!