Monday, August 6, 2018

Pretty in Pink


It's been ages since I made anything. My beads and tools have sat in the corner of my kitchen, unused and unloved. But I have a holiday coming up, and i always take a selection of beads along with me, because i know i will have some time to create in peace :-)

In the meantime, I had these beautiful ceramic components in my latest delivery from the legend that is Petra Carpreau of Scorched Earth.
Look at those gorgeous mandala decal slices? Such a beautiful pattern and sublime colours.
I also had some of Petra's cute ceramic connectors, in a glaze which matched the mandala slices perfectly. I just added some wire and sweet little lilac seeds.

Love these components together. Very pink and very boho! These will be available at the end of the month over on The Earrings Show in Facebook Land
Until next time :-)


  1. such beautiful earrings - the colour is divine. x

  2. Wonderful earrings, Sue! The colors are gorgeous, and the textures are beautifully rustic. It's a great combination. 💓

  3. So very pretty - hope your holiday gives you plenty of inspiration!

    1. Plenty of inspiration, and crucially - time! X

  4. Beautiful earrings as always Sue. Love the colors.