Friday, August 3, 2018

We're All Ears :: August Inspiration :: Spoonflower

Some time ago I bought a gift certificate for a fabric-loving friend to Spoonflower. Do you know Spoonflower? They are a site that prints custom fabrics. You can get them in a variety of styles, from cotton to satin to chiffon, and you can even design your own fabric pattern! How cool is that?

Since I ordered that gift certificate online, I have been getting their quarterly magazine. It is chock full of color and pattern that is whimsical and fun. Great eye candy, even if I can't sew a lick! This time I am smitten with their Lagoon Love feature (and this pretty Mermaid Lagoon fabric, below!). You can even check out their interactive online version of the print magazine, with links that will take you right to the page of the fabric featured on each page. Pretty darn cool!

So I thought that it would make for a fun challenge, to interpret a favorite fabric into earrings! To narrow it down, I have selected the top 10 winners of one of their monthly contests from July: Circles are the New Triangles. These top 10 give you a wide range of colors and patterns and interpretations of circles for you to choose from...because everyone likes to have choices, am I right? 

Click here to see each of these patterns up close.
Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to select at least one of these fabrics and design a pair of earrings inspired by it... the colors, the shapes, the patterns, etc. Then come back here on Friday, August 17th to share what fabric you chose and show us what you made! 

Oh! I almost forgot! I promised a giveaway to someone who guessed at my summer drink-inspired earrings from July! 

The answers were.... 1) Root Beer Float  2) Strawberry (or Pink) Lemonade   3) Blue Moon Beer with a twist of orange!

I decided that I would give away TWO prizes... one to someone who took up the challenge and participated and one to a commenter on the blog post. 

Congratulations to...

Please send me an email with your name and address and I will send you a little goodie package to encourage you to keep making earrings!


  1. Wow I'm stoked, Erin, thank you! It was fun playing along in your bonus quiz, and I'm looking forward to the August reveal.

  2. Congrats Hope and Anita. I have not heard of
    spoonflower, but definitely love the patterns chosen for this months challenge.