Friday, July 20, 2018

We're All Ears :: July Reveal :: Cheers!

Greetings from gorgeous Galena, IL!

I am here at the top of a mountain-top resort overlooking the Mississippi River into Iowa, the site of the Adornments Mixed Media Art Jewelry Retreat. I am teaching my second class today as well as a make-and-take and later tonight Heather Powers and I will be doing a LIVE Facebook jewelry designing challenge. If you want to tune in, head over to Brenda Schweder's Facebook page ( as she will be our Master of Ceremonies and responsible for the Mystery Component! The fun starts at 8pm Friday, July 20th! Join us!

So this is all a roundabout way of saying that I didn't allow myself a lot of time to make things, plus I limited myself to using what I had on hand at the Adornments retreat. Lucky for me there was a vendor night with Jess from Vintaj and her mom Trish from Rustic River Finds with all manner of beady goodness.

I am kicking back with a glass of Shiraz with the most stunning view imaginable to bring you the July edition of We're All Ears :: Cheers! I made three different earring sets all based on summer drinks that I enjoy. See if you can guess what they are in the comments! I will pick one of the comments at random for a prize I will announce on August 3rd. (P.S. You don't have to get the answers right to win so guess away!)

Hint #1: This frosty drink is best served with both a spoon and a straw. What is it?

Hint #2: This drink is the quintessential summer drink, perfect for sitting on a front porch and I always stop by the side of the road when I see it. What is it?

Hint #3: The Belgian cousin of this drink is typically served with a wheel of lemon, but this truly original US drink is garnished slightly differently. What is it?

So there you have it. A party for July! Drink up my friends and share your favorite summer beverages. Can't wait to toast your creativity!


  1. I am guessing root beer float for the first pair and strawberry lemonade for the second. I am clueless about the reference for the last pair. They are all gorgeous earrings. Thanks for another fun challenge.

  2. Oh, these are all so lovely. I'm completely jealous of your current location and hope you have a blast on the retreat. As for my guesses - 1 - Rootbeer Float 2 - (Pink) Lemonade 3- Blue Moon beer (with an Orange Slice)

    Have fun!!

  3. Hope you're enjoying the retreat. Pretty earrings as always, and you've upped the game and the fun by adding hints, lol... I'm mostly sure that the second one is a (Strawberry?) Lemonade. As for the other two, I'll enjoy going through others' comments. :)

  4. The first one is a coke with ice and lemon. That's the way I prefer my coke: with a spoon, a slice of lemon and ice cubes.
    And I'm very curieus about the third one because I'm from Belgium and have no clue what you are referring to ;)

  5. I love every pair of your earrings. I knew right away the Root Beer Floats, and Pink lemonade, and it finally dawned on me --Blue Moon Beer. What a cute challenge!

  6. The first one is some sort of a beer float and second is pink lemonade and for the third one I cheated and googled it and found it was a Blue moon beer - never heard of it before today.

  7. All of your earrings are so pretty. My guesses are root beer or coke float, lemonade and beer.

  8. I've been to the US twice and never tasted either! What a shame, I definitely have to visit again ;) I really, really want to taste them all now that I've seen these, the Pink Lemonade being my absolute favorite!