Friday, July 27, 2018

Colour Me Happy

I was lucky enough to snag some Regis Teixera beads recently and here is how I interpreted them.  In the last year or so I moved away from my usual bold colours to more subtle tones. I missed my colours and Regis' beads were a perfect excuse to start playing around with colours again.  I think I still held back but I like what I've come up with and hope you do too.

First up are these.  I had the opportunity to play with so many colours but I held back a little to make the beads be the focus.  I wire wrapped hoops in teal with a hint of black and purple, hanging from these are brass flower blanks which I wire wrapped using single rhinestones (in brass settings) in dark teal(ish) and purple seeds.  

For this pair I simply wire wrapped some hoops in turquoise and amber (gold).  Originally I had layered the hoops with resin charms.  They looked ok but I felt that the hoops needed to be smaller to make them look perfect.  Sorry I didn't take a photo of the original pair.  As I didn't have time to wrap a smaller pair of hoops, I decided to improvise.  I got rid of the resin charms and what I was left with is pictured below.  Short, simple yet statementastic (I think)

And lastly these.  I painted these brass wings last year in rainbow colours but never got round to using them.  I painted filigree brass bits in black, gold and Verdigris, wire wrapped hoops in purple and turquoise and assembled everything.  

These earrings will be available in my next online show in the FB group The Jewellery Show on Monday.  Hope you can join me.  See you in a couple of weeks time.

Suhana <3

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  1. Suhana, these earrings are astounding! Wonderful combinations. The Texiera beads are stunning, and your wings are just the right complement. Love!

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous earrings Suhana! <3

  3. I love them all! So fabulously colourful x

  4. ahhh these all make me so happpy!!! beautiful!!!

  5. I always admire your work with colors and I am so happy to see that return in these earrings. Beautiful Suhana! You have such a recognizable style.