Friday, July 6, 2018

We're All Ears :: Cheers to July!

Gin + Tonic
Moscow Mule
Root Beer Float
Chocolate Milkshake
Cold Brew
Wine Cooler

What is your favorite drink of summer? As this is a holiday week in the U.S. I am sure that there are lot of frosty, frothy, fun drinks being consumed! Tonight is the night for my opening celebration for the gallery exhibit that I am hosting, so I KNOW there will be a drink in my future (probably not with a tiny drink umbrella, but delicious nonetheless!).

Find a picture of your favorite summer drink (I got all of these at Unsplash - royalty free images that are beautiful! Check it out!) and build some earrings around it! The colors, the flavors, the shape of the glass, the way the ice melts, even the sweat stain on the coaster....your choice! (Bonus love if you provide a recipe for the cocktail!)

See you right here on Friday, July 20th for a toast!

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  1. Erin -I swear you and I are so in sync, so many times!!! - my next Art Bead Scene Studio post on Weds. is called Disco Lemonade!