Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summer and butterflies

Greetings from Greece.

Summer is in full force here in Greece, after a short spell of colder weather with rain.

Most of my family, our Greek neighbors as well as other expats, living in our village all think we are pensioners, spending our days blobbing on the beach, sipping cocktails and enjoying the delicious Greek food. If only. Our lives could not be more different.
Both my hubby and I work full-time in our camper van, doing our day time job. Just like other people. With 3 fans working full force (we don’t have an airco) and drinking plenty of ice cold water.  But at the end of the day we do enjoy some downtime, swimming in the sea, drinking a freddo cappuccino in the village and have laughs with our friends. Life here is good and we know we are so blessed and fortunate we can live the life we live.

With all the blobbing  (LOL), I did have some time to make a pair of new earrings. I love moth and butterfly wing beads so I was thrilled to score a pair of handmade lampwork ones, made by Silvia. I paired them with beautiful lampwork glass beads made by Jennifer Powers, aquamarine, Swarovski  spacer rondelles and vintage Lucite beads. And of course handmade ear wires by my friend Lucy Haslam.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful summer day. Are you on holiday and if so, where? In any case, I wish you all a wonderful day, full of sunshine, laughter and butterflies.
See you next month. 
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  1. Beautiful earrings and I love your blobbing around story!

    1. Thank you Sue :) Yes, there is a whole lotta blobbing going around here LOL.

  2. Honestly, I don't care what I would be doing, life in Greece would be amazing. I am glad you are able to have down time and enjoy those little things. Beautiful earrings hun..

    1. Thank you Chelle. Yes, living in Greece is wonderful. We live in a small village next to the sea. People live from agriculture (oranges mostly) and tourism (mostly Greek tourists). The Greek people are so friendly and they just love life.