Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Heat Wave

Dear friends, we are having unusual weather here in Sweden. It's been a heat wave since more than a week back with extreme temperatures. And before that ever since the month of May the weather has been unusually hot for Sweden. And hardly any rain at all. This has caused much more dryness in nature than normally. And now with the heat wave on top of that the risk of fires is extreme.

Below is a map of Sweden from yesterday afternoon. All the dark orange areas are high risk areas. Basically all of Sweden as you can see. And there are 69 wood and grass fires going on all over the country. 69!

I live just outside the city of Stockholm. So no fires going on near me at the moment thankfully. But the heat is so extreme it is impossible to function as normal. I basically spend all time inactive just sitting or laying, and panting, trying to find ways to cool down. It is impossible to sit in my studio and make jewelry. Way too hot in there.

So I've looked through my files for pictures of earrings I made before but haven't shown you here yet. I found three different ones I believe suitable for everyday Earrings. Hope you enjoy!

And please keep your fingers crossed that the extreme weather is soon over and that all the fires will be extinguished sooner than later.

All my best,


  1. Lovely earrings Malin. As always. I have said it many times before, you have an amazing ability to make just the most lovely earrings with the simplest of components and beads. Good luck with the heat wave. I hope it will end soon and that all fires will be extinguished very very soon. It must be very scary.
    In the area where we live the firemen are always on high alert in Summer. Two years ago there was a huge fire a bit too close to the place were we live. Luckily they were able to put it out quickly, but some houses were damaged badly.

  2. I live in Belgium and we too have an extremely warm and dry summer. Normally there is a lot of green in nature over here but nowadays it is as if we live in the south of europe: Nature is dry and yellow and here too there is a big risk for fire in the woods. I wish you some wet rainy days!

  3. Lovely earrings as usual, Malin. -
    We had a similar problem last year. There was so much smoke in the air from the fires, that it was a health hazard. My eyes burned from the smoke for nearly a month. I hope lower temperatures & rain comes to Sweden soon and you get some relief.

  4. Beautiful earrings! Hope you are cooler