Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Layers of Texture

Beautiful enamel earring charms by Anne Gardanne of Gardanne Beads with added layers of different materials and textures.

For me, it's like a magnet when I see orange and pink combined!  It only gets better with earthy touches of olive,  lines of dark grey and that pop of white in the background.

The top accent beads are carved bone with an openwork basket feel.  

Next, I added some of my favorite accent beads made by Heather Powers of  Humblebeads Although they are small, they give off a big impact with their bold pattern.  Also, being made of polymer, they are very lightweight which is nice when you're doing a stack design.

Also added were some warm reddish brown elongated wood beads and burnt umber colored sari silk.  Again, all very lightweight material.

I think these would be amazing to wear summer through autumn.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Loralee xo


  1. Very pretty. I find the color combo pink-orange very difficult to work with and you pulled it of perfectly! Love the silk accent.

  2. I love how the orange is subtle and not powering as the colour tends to be

  3. You have an amazing eye for color, Loralee. Simply wonderful.

  4. All my favorite fall colors and I adore the varied shapes and textures!!!

  5. Love the earthy, rustic feel to these