Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tide Pools Earrings by Cindy's Art & Soul

Tide Pools. The recent inspiration for the Earrings Everyday We're All Ears monthly challenge hosted by our talented Erin Paris-Hintz.

I happened to come across this photo the other day. Honestly I am amazed at it still. I managed to focus on the sea anemone through the water at a perfect angle to capture them so clearly.
Tide Pools, WA State Beach
I am constantly inspired by anything nautical, beach, sea creatures, watery. The colors are just fantastic! 

I heard (or read?) someone say once that Nature never lies.
When looking for color combinations you can always look to nature.
Find what colors She's put together - and be inspired!
Tide Pools, WA State
I took this photo (I can't believe it's been) almost three years ago. We took a road trip along the Pacific Coast Hwy 101 to see the sites and visit all the cool towns, beaches and see what we could see. It was a magnificent journey. One we both want to do again, one day. You cannot see all there is to see on this Hwy loop in one week. And it was great fun! 

One day.. I will go back. 
Sea Glass Ceramic Earrings by Cindy's Art & Soul
Sea Glass Ceramic Earrings by Cindy's Art & Soul
 These earrings feature natural found sea glass, handmade copper rings, vintage bronze wire, and handmade ceramic beads with seashell patterns. Available at Art & Soul Jewelry.

 (Art & Soul Jewelry is closed for vacation until 7/6. Shipping will resume 7/7 upon my return. Hope you all have a save and wonderful July 4th Holiday!)


  1. Tide pools are fascinating. And right in line with our We're All Ears challenge for June! I love the soft green and the organic shapes. And the mixed metals! Perfect interpretation! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Love the greens and mixed metals Cindy! They do look like they came right out of a tidal pool. Cool earrings!

  3. I love your ear wires - well, I like all of them, really!

  4. Fabulous Cindy! Perfect use of the sea glass and beads for this tide pool challenge and I noticed the handy work on those ear wires like Claire did...really terrific.