Monday, June 1, 2015

Snakeskin Swivel

This is not the first pair of "Swivel" earrings I've made and in fact these took a long time to come together. I've had the copper pieces on my work table for some time and nothing I put together worked for me. 

But I sat down today and spied some of my all time favorite Lampwork Beads by Karin Hruza of Beadfairy and Fireworks went off in my brain. I put them with more Lampwork Beads on top by Paradise Beads that match Karin's beads perfectly and a couple of complimenting Czech Glass Beads and these worked!

These babies are mechanical, they swivel all over the place, so much so that I had to make a little video to show you exactly how they move.
My little girl Shasta is telling you all about it in the background!

These Earrings have been sold.



  1. Gorgeous! I love that they swivel.

  2. So cool! The beads and your components are absolutely gorgeous! You've found some perfectly paired beads. I love it when they go together like that- don't you? Like they were made for each other! And Shasta is so sweet in the background! LOL! My Molly is still "ruff"ing -- she heard the little bark and thought there was a dog in the house I guess. Haa! These are beautiful Kristi!

  3. Oh, Shasta sounds just like my dogs! Widget and Rusty are still talking about the visitor they thought they had! I love the creative way you used the metal pieces in these earrings. The colors are so rich, earthy and vibrant. I look forward to your posts in my emails.

  4. Gorgeous colour combinations with texture and movement too!! I've had fun teasing my little cat with your video...x

  5. Beautiful earrings - love the colors!