Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Citrus Swirl Earrings

While citrus fruit does not grow here, in Washington state, our recent gorgeous weather would have you thinking otherwise.  As I was making today's earrings, the colors in Kristi's Bowman's copper components were giving me citrusy (I just invented a new word) thoughts.
Wouldn't these just be super cute with shorts or a sun dress (along with a drink that has a little umbrella in it!)?
I paired Kristi's copper dangles with some green glass discs and some orange and white stones, which I think are fire agates (if you know otherwise, please tell me in the comments).
 The Citrus Swirl Earrings are available at Linda Landig Jewelry.
I know this is kind of a short post, but I need to go attend to my citrus mixed drink with the cute lime green umbrella.  Till next time...


  1. Wow, they are definitely fun earrings. I can see a beautiful big flowing sun dress with these but great to punch up the color in a work outfit too. LOVE!!

  2. Very pretty Linda! The Czech glass really brings out the colors in the copper charms! That summery drink with the umbrella looks delicious! :-D

  3. Cute earrings, Linda! I love the bright color palate.

    1. Thanks, Kelsy. Our recent bright weather inspires the bright colors!

  4. Love them both earrings and the coctail.

  5. These are fabulous. You've been making brightly colored earrings lately that I just love!

  6. Ohhhh happy happy happy Summer earrings :) Gorgeous!

  7. Super cute! They remind me of beach balls with the stripes. I love them (and that drink looks good too!). Enjoy the day! Erin