Thursday, June 4, 2015

On A Steeple

One of those pairs of earrings with which I was really pleased (can I say that?!).

I love the colour of the czech glass bicones: it's a really subtle dusky antique rose. I had them bagged up with the gold ceramic drops (from Petra Carpreau, of course) for a little while, knowing I wanted to use them together.  Then I came across these vintage star-topped, drop-shaped connectors and it all fell into place. 

I've pulled the title from the final stanza of Marianne Moore's poem 'The Steeple-Jack.  The earrings are available here in my Etsy shop.

Bye for now, Claire


  1. Love these! These beads are all meant for each other! Beautiful!

  2. I squealed when I saw these - love the warm rosy varied metal tones that complement each other so well. And those connectors were just made for Petra's droppers!

  3. What a cool design! Love, love, love!

  4. Oh Claire, I love how all the metals work together here! Fabulous!