Thursday, June 11, 2015

Softly Whisper

I have been making crusty beads for so long now that I have neglected my matte etching solution for my lampworked beads. I'm afraid the strength of the little I had left had diminished too much and I was nearly out.
I finally secured a new kind that can be shipped as crystals and was anxious to try it out.
My other technique using baking soda on my glass has a way of obliterating some of the great shiny metallic iridescence. Colors can change radically with that treatment as well.
Anxious to try out the etching solution on my newest batch of beads I committed to etching the entire series of the day.
I was more than pleased as some colors and effects were enhanced and there was a beautiful subtle blooming of colors that I didn't expect along with the silky matte texture.

I had these dainty pink and black daggers from HappyFishThings that happened to get near enough to the beads on my worktable and make this surprisingly great combination that I don't know as I could have planned. Serendipitous designing I would call it.

You can also find Happy Fish Things on facebook

Thanks for looking! 
Kimberly Rogers
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  1. Beautiful elements - you can't go wrong. Love how the soft pink leads you to the other softer colours in the glass.

  2. I love your crusties and I love these too!! They look great with the Happy Fish daggers!

  3. These are beautifully soft - perfect for spring! There you go again, making me hate pink less and less every day :)

  4. Everything from the form of the earwires mirroring the lampwork, to the graphic delicacy of the bottom element is beautiful.

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous Kimberly! Love them!

  6. All the elements work together so well! Beautiful earrings, Kimberly.

  7. Truly yummy beads Miss Kimberly! I love the matte finish. Makes them feel like relics! Enjoy the day. Erin