Thursday, June 25, 2015


 I'm always experimenting with bits and scraps of metal strewn around on my worktable.
I had some extra heavy duty scraps left over from the edges of my copper sheeting. I had scavenged some scraps from a local roofing company. I wanted to see if I could wrap wire for some extra texture  before torch fire enameling and these globby lovelies were born.
The funny thing was that they were practically sold before I had them made into earrings.
One of my lovely local frequent customers claimed them and said she would be ready with money in hand at our next farmer's market.

That left it to me as to what extra would be required for the design.
I went with the simple is best idea after a few pairings with spacer beads.
Faerystones's tangles seem to be just the right accent!

I'm not sure how the next ones will turn out but these were a clear success for me

Thanks and Happy Solstice!
Kimberly Rogers


  1. Well, you know I've got to love these!

  2. Very cool, I love all the texture and colors swirling around!!!

  3. That is a really cool happy accident! I love the simplicity but yet they are so intriguing you would wan to touch them and turn them over and over. Looking forward to where you take this next! Enjoy the day, Miss Kimberly! Erin