Thursday, April 18, 2013


I love that word!  It describes how I feel about the creation/evolution of these earrings!

I had etched a big copper disk a couple of weeks ago when I was writing this post over at Art Jewelry Elements.  This past weekend, it was on my beading table at exactly the right moment when I needed something pretty to fasten a length of leather cord to a chain necklace for my Bead Soup piece.  I cut the center strip out of the disk and rolled it up into a tube!

Fast forward to last night, as I suddenly remembered that today was indeed my day to post here.  I saw the curled up scraps from cutting the center strip out of the disk and was like,"hmm, these are to pretty to ditch...I wonder if I can use them for earrings?"

So I did!  At first that were going to hang horizontally, with chain connecting them to the earwires, but after turning them around a bit, I liked the mirror image vertical look much better.  To bring the bling, I added some faceted chalcedony briolettes in a finish called "Mystic Mango" by the seller!

Add a fun, flowy spring blouse and your favorite jeans, and you are ready to go!

These will be up in my shops later today!

Melissa Meman
Melismatic Art Jewelry
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  1. I really like those! So much the better that they just arrived serendipitously!

  2. Lovely! I love using scraps of textured metal, these shapes are great! Loving that chalcedony--the finish is superb. I just love orange with antiqued copper.

  3. Those are so fun!! I love the idea of one side mirroring the other :)

  4. That is exactly how all of my Earrings Everyday posts come together! Whatever I happen to have lying around gets whipped into beautiful shape. I just love your metalwork every time I see it. You always inspire me! And I love the beads. I have sets of different shapes in those great crackly AB finishes and I can't get enough of them and yet I also hoard them mercilessly! You have inspired me to do something with them! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. LOVE this idea. I can't wait to try it out for myself.