Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pottery For your Everyday Earrings!

It has been way too long since we have done a post on Earring displays or earring holders! So here is something we have shown you all before but that I just can not get enough of! Pottery earring holders! Love these!!
 You just have to have a look at the Hodaka Pottery Etsy shop! So many treasures to be found, and don't forget Mother's day is just around the corner!!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Ooohh!! How cool is that! Gotta add this to my wish list <3 I may need about 10 for the amount of earrings I have LOL

  2. Excellent idea! With a double function even!

  3. Very pretty! I will have to check out her site :)

  4. What a great idea, I did a blog post a while ago about earring display, but I never came across these, they are lovely. Thanks for sharing. Linda x