Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Beyond the Fringe

Strange times continue. One of the few times I feel really at peace these days is sitting at my bead table, no news on, just listening to the birds outside for whom life is unchanged. So it's very good timing for this years #the100dayproject2020.  Post a piece of work each day on your Instagram  account and hashtag #the100dayproject2020. It'll be the third year running I've participated - can't promise that I'll do it every day, but it offers structure and motivation in a chaotic period.

Today was Day 1 and I chose to make something bright and cheerful. We all need it.

These gorgeous enamels are by Candan Imrak. I wired a fringe of rainbow haematite beads along the bottom edge together with a czech glass drop which perfectly matches the green in the enamels, as do the enamelled copper earwires by Lucy Haslam. Very flirty!

                             Please, all of you, stay safe till we meet again. And do think about joining in.

                                                                          Lindsay x

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