Monday, October 21, 2019

Rock pools

Hello earring people :-)

Here we are, hurtling towards the end of October already, and I should be designing with Autumn in mind....but.... I had these glorious blue ceramic rock pools, by the one and only Petra Carpreau. She makes these beauties from Earthstone and fills them with glass,  coats them with fine silver and fires them -creating beautiful, individual rustic pieces. Now I know the blue is perhaps much more suitable for summer (it makes me think of the Mediterranean) but I just couldn't resist.

I've been taking a course in silver jewellery and learning all about soldering and I've been loving it! I'm still a novice and everything takes me three times longer than i think it will...

I wanted to create something that would co-ordinate with the rock pools. I took some sterling silver sheet and spent a happy couple of hours sawing, sanding and texturing it, and soldering jump rings and ear posts to the little squares I created. Finally, I oxidised them and rubbed them back a little to create a reasonable match with the fine silver on the rock pools.

So, there we have it! Not autumnal at all, but sometimes you just need to take inspiration from whatever catches your eye. See you next month

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  1. Not everything has to be seasonal - these stunners will be fabulous to wear any time of the year! Breathtaking blue from Petra, and great job with the silver Sue x

  2. Agreed! Just make what keeps you happy x

  3. Autumn can wait - these had to be made!!! I soooo admire your patience with all that silver jiggery pokery. Thank youuuu, dear Suuuue for making my pools look so scrummyXOX:0)<3

  4. Gor-Ge-Ous!!! You are multi talented Sue. And yes, just make what keeps you happy, goes that's when you are in the flow and create gorgeous things like these earrings.

  5. I think it's so cool that you are learning metalsmithing! You have made the perfect compliment to Petra's ceramic components. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you Linda! It's a steep learning curve but I'm loving it