Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Haunted House

This week I'm gearing up to Hallowe'en and decided to have a bit of fun with some new polymer clay pieces from my friend Helen Backhouse. On holiday this summer my granddaughter found a washed up piece of broken terracotta pottery with nice lines on and I brought it back for Helen to use as a mould. The results looked to me like a panelled door, so I jokingly asked her to put a keyhole and door knob on.

I had the idea of making some spooky house earrings, with my little collection of Hallowe'en components.

Along with Helen's pieces, we have a copper ghoul face by Kristi Bowman Gruel, polymer pumpkins by Rejetta Sellars and Karen Jackson, and cute ceramic bats by Jana Bliznakova. You would, of course, have the door to this house securely locked, so there is a nice fancy brass key.

If you celebrate All Hallows Eve, I hope your preparations are well under way - bats will be flying!

                                                             See you in two weeks time.

                                                                     Lindsay x
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  1. I am always in awe when I see asymmetrical earrings. I am simply not capable making nice ones. And these Lindsay, are amazing. I love Helen's pieces and you make them into gorgeous earrings.

  2. Janine, they are much harder to do to get them right, and I cant manage it often either!

  3. These are very cool. I can't do asymmetrical earrings, but you've nailed it here.