Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Industrial Decline

This week I was looking back on some old Instagram posts from a visit to Liverpool, where we stayed at the Titanic Hotel, beautifully and evocatively converted from an old rum warehouse.  Back in the 18th and early 19th century, Liverpool  Docklands were once a hub for the import of rum, tobacco, and slaves, and an exit point for emigrants crossing the Atlantic to the New World. Many of the huge old warehouses now lie dormant, rusted and overgrown, but are slowly being brought back into use as hotels and apartments, part of Liverpool's economic and cultural revival.
I was inspired to make a few pairs of earrings to reflect the architecture and colours; lots of old chain, rusty metal, algae, decay, decline. I saved this pair for the blog. 
The focals are Kim Rogers lampwork paizools, rusty and crusty. Tears, for a dying shipping industry. Tears, for those forced into slavery, to whom Liverpool has dedicated a Museum.  There's a nice ginger/rusty patina on the copper washers and earwires by  Lucy Haslam.

Those top beads are wonderfully marked leopardskin jasper. An evocative pair of earrings.

Hope you are having  a lovely summer - are you going anywhere nice for your holidays? I'm away to Greece next week hoping for some inspiration!
                                                                See you in a couple of  weeks
                                                                             Lindsay x

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  1. Lovely - and a great story behind them! x

  2. I can feel the story - just wonderful!

  3. Lindsey, you’re gorgeous earrings took me there. What a beautiful execution of your inspiration!

  4. Wonderful earrings--a little grungy but keeping on. I could see the surround. That's evocative prose! xo

  5. Beautiful with a fantastic story ❤️

  6. I love love this design and wonderful story.

  7. Truly swooning. I love a Mad Max-Steampunk-Rusted Industrial look. I bet I would love Liverpool. Need to go!