Wednesday, July 3, 2019

If The Moon Were Made Of Cheese

So, I love destashes and usually check them out when I can on Facebook. For me, it's a great opportunity to pick up artisan beads that people bought years ago but never found a use for.  It's especially exciting when I find some from a retired bead maker or sometimes it's a series that an artist is no longer doing. 

That's how these earrings came to be! The porcelain beads on top were made by Mellisa Gabelle of The Clay Hen and I found them in a destash!  I really didn't have a vision for them right away, but I have a weakness for pale yellow and these had a matte finish (another weakness of mine) with a cool metallic shiny center.  I love the unusual and with the added holes all over, they are just that!  

My immediate random thoughts about these beads were:  Swiss Cheese; Moon; Wallace, of Wallace and Gromit saying - "Gromit, that's it! Cheese! We'll go somewhere where there's cheese!" 

Yes, folks - this is my creative process  -  haha!!

So who else loves cheese?  Kitties do, that's who!  The lovely faux tin charms are by Helena Benkoczka. I combined these two components together not only for their whimsy but also because I loved the proportions of the two shapes together as well as the colors.

My little cheesy moon story was starting to develop!  By luck, in my crazy stash, I had some great
steely matte vintage stars which pulled the colors from not only the grey kitty but, the moon centers as well.

Wallace would remind you:  "Don't forget the crackers!"

A little tip:  On Facebook, just type destash in the search bar and it should pull up some nice destash groups for you!  If you have a hard time finding some I'd be happy to share some; just drop me a note.

Thank you for stopping by my work table today, hope you found a little inspiration!!

Loralee XO


  1. They are very beautiful! I love the Faux Tin Beads and the entire idea!

  2. Absolutely brilliant! I love the Wallace and Grommit reference and that is exactly how I fall down the rabbit hole of creating as well! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Thank you, Erin - It's seems really satisfying to work this way lol

  4. Adorable and thank you for sharing your wonderfully imaginative train of thought.

  5. I love that somebody else has mind bending creative leaps of imagination as well as me! ����⭐️ these are just pure-fect ������ x

  6. omg, these are so delightful. And don't worry, my mind works like that too. People sometimes wonder how my conversations went from point A to point Q with out missing a beat. lol

  7. These are fabulous!!! And so are your pictures.