Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Heart & Soul

                   I enjoy using symbolism in my work; I love when an idea hits you indirectly.

The eye connectors by Inviciti  were absolutely perfect for this design!  Some say eyes are the gateway to the soul and I think they're right.

To me, the large textured jump rings with the deep grooves symbolize radiance.

I almost lost my mind when I found these rare vintage sacred heart charms on the bottom!  I tried over and over to capture their detail and amazing color but it wasn't easy.   

I've never really been into"wordy" type beads per se. However, I do use them as a sort of contradiction.  For example, a "Lucky" word bead might be used with a black cat or something that normally evokes a darker meaning. 🙃

Thank you for checking out my worktable today!  Hope you found a little inspiration! See you next time! 
                                                 Loralee xo


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  2. Fantastic work as always, our good friend! and thank you! xo

  3. Wonderful earrings as always Loralee. And I love your picture with your new kittie :)