Friday, April 5, 2019

We're All Ears :: April Inspiration :: Wanderlust

My daughter is a dancer. I am sure that if you have followed along with me for some time you know this. As such, April is a very busy month for me as the annual Spring Showcase dance recital and the Spring Spotlight dance shows happen at the end of the month. This year is no exception, except that this will be it, her

Tiny Dancer through the years
I won't be crying tears of sadness, but tears of great joy. For this Tiny Dancer who started at three has blossomed into this amazing adult who is now pursuing a dual major in dance and neurobiology at the University of Wisconsin in the fall. So there will be more opportunities to see her dance in the future.

a strong desire to travel.
"her wanderlust would not allow her to stay long in one spot"

Wanderlust is when you can't get enough of this world and hope to see something new everyday which you have never seen before. In simple words, it is a beautiful disease which has no cure. The Spring Spotlight show this year has the theme of "WONDERLUST" with an O. A twist on the familiar word meant a desire to see the world, this is also about seeing the wonder of the world as you wander.

When you are a young person with your toes on the threshold of the world, there is a great desire to get out and experience it all. To send her off on the right foot, her graduation gift from me is a trip to New York City in June. I was only there once (but I had walking pneumonia so my recollections are pretty foggy), so I am pretty excited about it, too. In addition to seeing some great shows (including a brand new ballet debuting while we are there with the prima ballerina Misty Copeland in the lead role), my daughter will also have the opportunity to take dance classes at both the Alvin Ailey Dance Center and the Broadway Dance Center, where classes are taught in every style from those that are in the dance and theater scene in the middle of the bright lights of Broadway. I also can't wait to see the architecture of the big city and immerse myself in the local day-to-day bustle. I want soak it all in and make some lasting memories with my girl. 

So this month, our theme will be WANDERLUST and I hope you will share some TRAVEL-themed earrings...Inspired by actual places you been, the methods of getting there, or even the places you want to travel to! Let's explore the world! See you on Friday, April 19th!


  1. Wanderlust! Wonderful!

    So exciting about the June trip to NY. Many congrats to your daughter! (And proud mom!)

  2. Congrats to your daughter. I can imagine you are a proud mom! And I love this challenge, as traveling is in my blood.

  3. I definitely have a life long case of wanderlust. And a funny coincidence: the first time I was in New York, I also had walking pneumonia. Blech!