Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tribal Dancers

Hello I’m here again,how are you all ?
So this last weekend we had a lovely show over on The Very Nice Group which I co-host with Lindsay Phillipson.
The theme was “Out of Africa” and when Lindsay suggested it my heart sank a little,I’m not very good at tribal jewellery,don’t get me wrong I love it,and Lindsay makes some epic pieces strong ethnic and very original. Somehow I struggle with it, but I thought “ ok this will push me to try something different.
I searched all over the internet for inspiration and also through old books of my dads and suddenly things started to twinkle in this old brain of mine !!
Tribal Dancers !!!

These are the last of my stash of these wonderful pieces from Helen Backhouse in these amazing colours , ranging from peacock blues and greens to soft bronze these wonderful shells match perfectly with our Juliette Mulletts stunning lampwork beads that swirl with colour ,and as with all of Juliette’s beads seem to glow from within. I’ve hung a small pretty ceramic drop from Claire Lockwood and a few twiddly hematite twiglets and hung them from my simple “ pins “ earwires in soft bronze .

I was trying to catch that foot stomping swirling dance from those amazing tribal Dancers as they sway along to their music.

Well what do you think? Are they tribal enough? Or have I just put my own interpretation on them, whichever it is I’ve had fun doing it .
Love and hugs Lucy from Faerystone xx


  1. Tribal is also outside of my comfort zone, so I’m not one to judge whether they are tribal enough, but hey are gorgeous! I do see dancer-like movement in this design. Wonderful!

  2. I can see it and feel it! They are beautiful!

  3. They're beautiful, Lucy! I can see the movement of the dancers, and the wonderful burst of colors is so perfect!