Friday, February 8, 2019

Seeds and Metal

I always try to make 'components' to go with other artists' works.  For today's earrings I antiqued these brass shields and punched a tonne of holes (literally!).  The plan was to add as many lines of seeds as I could fit and this is what happened ↓

I made this pair first matching the seeds to Martin Hart's (The Husband) painted resin charms. I added layered caps topped with a flower just under the ear wire to balance the entire look. 

In this second pair, I did the same as the first......but I wanted to make them look slightly different.  same design but still differfent 🤔 so I added a vertical lines of seeds on either side of the main area of horizontal seed lines.  Enamel connectors are by 2Moiselles.

I have a few more pairs planned in the same design.  I'm going to make them to death before I'm bored (as alwsays)🤣
These will be available in my show on Monday here.

See you soon <3

Suhana <3