Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Love, actually.

How could I not? Whether you think it's the most romantic day of the year, or a load of old cheese, you can't ignore St Valentines Day, and it's tomorrow.  Him indoors better shape up - no garage flowers in this house, please!

As is usual, there are varying accounts of the origin of St Valentine's Day but the  most widely accepted is that it is dedicated to St Valentine of Rome, a priest in the 3rd century under Claudius II who was put to death on 14th February for assisting Christian marriages.

Observed as a feast day since 496 AD it gained popularity in Victorian times when the tradition of giving cards, chocolates and trinkets to your loved one really took off. Fat cherubs abounded!

So here are my earrings. A simple design using stoneware hearts and beads by the lovely Jana Bliznakova, with African turquoise and chain dangles, I like the way they hang. Just not quite traditional.  

If you haven't anyone to buy a card or gift for (and I admit to buying all my grandchildren a little something - him indoors wants yet another new bike, so he can wait) then take a bag of goodies to your local food bank and make a family's day special instead, or buy a homeless person a hot drink.

                                                              See you in two weeks

                                                                         Lindsay x
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  1. The perfect Valentine's gift Lindsay! Love the beads from Jana and especially how you turned them into these earrings. I am soooo happy they are not traditionally red LOL. And I love your idea of giving something to the less fortunate! If we all do this we can brighten up so many people's day.

  2. I love these earrings - beautifully done.

    (Love the little red-cheeked cherubs too :)

  3. I'm not a heart person usually but these are great! Rustic and turquoise is just my thing.

  4. Gorgeous! and i do love a fat cherub :-)

  5. Here! Here! Cards in the mail to my grands and family... took hubster to lunch and we did flea market today as our Ise is with us tomorrow... painting canvases and cupcakes on the schedule... love the earrings, Lindsay... Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours xoxo

    1. I hope you had a wonderful couple of days Jeanne x