Friday, February 1, 2019

Gorgeous Garnets

I'm late ,I'm late for a very important date !!!
Good morning lovely ones I'm so sorry I'm late,as usual it's a wee bit like a circus here !!
Little mum was rather bolshy this morning as I was getting her washed and dressed,I kid you not even at 95 yrs old she can still scare the pants off me lol.

So today I want to show you this design which incorporates wonderful garnets and gently aged copper !!
I've made this design many times with all sorts of gemstones,but I absolutely love garnets,the deep rich reds contrast so well with copper and give a hint of luxury without being too showy


I've cut small rectangular pieces of copper which I have hammered and twiddled into ridged pieces,after ageing and polishing them I have wire wrapped luscious little chunks of garnet and wee copper beads from top to bottom. Finished with a beautiful deep deep 6mm faceted garnet round and hung from my own bobble copper earwires.

I better go and feed little mum as she can get very gremlin like if not given food at the right times lolol.
I do hope you like my little earrings ,and if it's snowing near you keep warm and lots of hot toddies !!

Love and hugs Lucy ,Faerystone xx


  1. Lucy, these are spectacular! I appreciate what goes into hammering and twiddling, and these little earrings are delightful. I've always loved the deep maroon color of some garnets, so rich! Yum!

    1. Ahhh thanks Meridy, yes I love this little nuggets very rich and glossy xx

  2. Such a wonderful design Lucy. Your wire work is wonderful and unique and I loooooooooooooooove garnet!

  3. Oh Lucy Lucy Lucy -these are delicious!