Monday, February 18, 2019

50 shades of .....Green !!!

Hello lovely ones how are you all ?
I bet you wondered what on earth this title was going to be about lol.
Sorry to disappoint but it's about moss and all it's different colours.....yeah it's really exciting !!!
I live in wild and wonderful Wales right next to a lovely river and surrounded by trees ,so of course we get lots of different mosses and lichen.
Their colours are amazing and range from the deepest Forrest green to the palest of grey/greens. Long straggly almost ethereal misty grey fronds float from my cherry tree and chartreuse lush carpets surround my pond.
So when I found these beautiful lampwork beads from Crystal Adcock I just though ....moss !

These beautiful little works of art have a sort of faceted surface of a mossy green with golden veins running through them.

placing them above this gorgeous picture jasper,and wire wrapping oodles of tiny faceted labradorite beads brought out the glow from within ,simple copper circles earwires by me and I think they have a subtle organic soft feel .
Well I do hope you like my ramblings on moss lol
Love and hugs Lucy xx


  1. Love mossy greens... earthy loveliness... perfection of your earrings... Hugs to you Lucy xoxo

  2. This is great information! I loved the earrings. They are v pretty. Sensitive skin and allergic reactions after the piercing is common. This helped me immensely. Thanks